Soul Sunday: Your inner peace contingency plan

Inner peaceHave you ever had one of those days when everything just seems to be going wrong? You slept through your alarm, the subway was delayed and then it poured rain on your walk home?

Sometimes if feels like the whole universe is conspiring against you and the situation only becomes more frustrating with every minor setback. It’s days like these that require all the more strength and inner peace just to power through.

But — once you’ve planned out your own personal peace contingency plan to deal with unexpected mishaps, it’ll be almost impossible for any circumstance to mess with your happiness. Everyone has a different strategy that works for them, but having a system in place is really half the battle.

One trick I find works super well is something I learned from Gabrielle Bernstein’s audio tape Miracles Now. All you have to do is tap each of your fingers to your thumb and with each tap say a different word in the phrase “peace begins with me.”

I find this solution really works when I feel a surge of anger or frustration coming on. It helps me remember that the more angry I get, the less peaceful I’ll be, which is the opposite effect I’m hoping to achieve when I lash out.

There are plenty of different tricks like this for changing your mood and thoughts on a dime. Another one you can try is counting to 10 and taking a a few super deep breaths — I like this one for stopping myself from biting back when someone rubs me the wrong way!

I once heard someone say that peace and happiness are within, so they can’t be based on or affected by outside circumstances. This makes so much sense to me because if you’re constantly waiting for a new job, a new relationship or an upcoming vacation to be happy, then you’re putting your happiness into the hands of someone (or something) else.

While I think it’s great to work towards achieving beautiful things and improving ourselves, I think at the end of the day it’s all about balance (like most things!). Balance your quest for success and self-improvement with a constant, built-in feeling of happiness, and your situation will only improve exponentially.

What’s your inner peace contingency plan for when you’re faced with icky situations or blah days? Let me know in this comments below!


4 thoughts on “Soul Sunday: Your inner peace contingency plan

  1. Wow, I love the finger tapping thing, I will definitely try that one! What I do is either take a few big deep breaths or label my thoughts! For example, if I’m angry I just label it as “angry” in my mind and it kind of puts it into perspective where my mind is going.

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