Visiting the Dunes in PEI

IMG_1006Today I visited the Dunes, one of my favourite places on the island. The shop was created by a potter years ago, and today it’s a massive boutique complete with a restaurant and stunning gardens.

I could literally walk around the Dunes for hours discovering all the unique little trinkets and art pieces. The items in the store blend Asian vibes with an unmistakable island touch, creating a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic you won’t find anywhere else.

The building in itself is a masterpiece: shingles the colour of a stormy sea cover the exterior while a lighthouse-inspired tower gives it an interesting edge. Jagged lines in the architecture and plenty of exotic accessories complete the unique facade.

Surrounding the building are some of the most colourful, magical gardens I’ve ever seen. Trickling fountains and ponds are dotted throughout the lush field while sculptural furniture and art pieces provide the perfect photo op or seating areas.

While at the Dunes, we also stopped in at the restaurant for lunch. I had the fresh asparagus soup and a Thai peanut noodle dish — it was SO delicious! You could tell that the asparagus in the soup had just been picked from the garden and the whole meal had such a farm-to-table, homegrown feel.

I just adore visiting the Dunes — there’s always something new and interesting to explore and the entire place has such a creative yet calming vibe. Do you have any favourite artistic destinations? Let me know in the comments!

Check out some more photos of the Dunes below:






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