Five ways to stay connected to nature all year round

IMG_1521During the summer, feeling connected to nature is pretty easy. All you have to do is step outside and you’re surrounded by pretty green trees, sunshine and a light breeze. It’s no wonder that we all feel so much lighter and happier in the summer!

With fall and winter coming, I find it’s important to think of ways to stay cheerful and connected to nature. Taking vitamin D is one way to prevent the onslaught of sadness that comes along with the colder weather, but maintaining a strong bond with Mother Earth all year long can also do wonders for your soul. Check out the list below to see my five ideas for staying connected to nature 12 months a year:

1. Keep plants in your home.

Decorating your space with plant life is one significant way to stay connected to nature without venturing outside. Not only do they clean the air, but they create a super welcoming, warm atmosphere for you and your guests.

2. Do a guided meditation.

Most of the guided meditations I’ve done have taken place in nature. All you have to do is visualize yourself in a beautiful, natural locale and you’ll feel so much more relaxed and grounded — it totally works!

3. Say a prayer.

Praying to Mother Earth and the nature spirits always makes me appreciate the interconnectedness of the earth. Sometimes it’s enough to say “thank you for the trees and the sky and the water” to express your gratitude.

4. Eat more plants.

Fruits and veggies make me feel so much more alive and energetic than boxed, processed foods do because they’re part of the web of nature which we’re all a part of. Luckily, I live in a place where I have access to fresh foods all year round, so I have no excuse not to stay healthy in the winter!

5. Stay grounded.

Staying grounded is so crucial to our wellbeing, especially if you live in a high-rise condo or apartment. Do a quick grounding meditation once in a while and feel the earth beneath your feet, it’s a great way to connect with the plant and nature.

How do you like to connect with nature? Let me know in the comments!


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