What I Wore Wednesday: Psychedelic harem pants

IMG_1746As soon as my boyfriend brought these pants back from Turkey, I knew he had made a small shopping victory. They’re elasticized in all the right places, comfortable and they have a busy pattern — they’re right up my alley!

I haven’t worn them as often as I should have for such a hot, sticky summer, but every time I have thrown them on I’ve been SO glad. They’re just so easy, and if there’s one thing I appreciate about an outfit, it’s comfort.

And the best part is that I didn’t have to compromise style for that level of ease. The pants can be dressed up with wedges and a fancy top, or dressed down like I’ve done here with my simple Brandy Melville crop top and bare feet.

One of the things I love most about these pants is that they have a super cool, laidback vibe. I feel like I would fit right in at a yoga studio or spiritual retreat, but I can also wear them to work or school! It’s a win-win.

I accessorized with a couple of my favourite beaded bracelets and my turquoise ring to complement the oranges in the pattern. Wearing bright colours can do so much for the soul — I highly recommend foregoing your usual blacks and greys for a touch of orange or bright blue once in a while! Colour therapy is a real thing, I swear.

Check out some more photos of my look below:


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