How to make a sacred altar for your space

IMG_1638Keeping an altar or sacred space in your home can have so many benefits. For one, it serves as a place that’s all your own for meditation, prayer or contemplation.

But it can also be a beautiful way to honour the earth and your beliefs. I think it’s so important to keep signs and symbols of the things that are important to us around our homes to relax us and remind us of our true identities.

There are many ways to create a sacred corner in your home, and there’s definitely no right or wrong way. Personally, I like to keep candles, flowers and oracle cards in my space to give it a pleasant feel and raise the vibrations of the room.

To me, the idea behind an altar is to honour yourself, the earth, nature and whatever force or spirits you believe in, but it may mean something completely different to you! As with anything, just trust your gut and do what makes you happy and it will all flow into place.

Check out a few of my ideas for making an altar or sacred space in your home below:

1. Try to represent the elements earth, air, fire and water to honour Mother Earth. You could place a bowl of water with flowers in it as the centrepiece and then surround it with crystals for earth, a feather for air and candles for fire. Not only is it important to honour nature, but adding elements of nature to your space always creates a beautiful and relaxing vignette.

2. Personalize it. Everyone has something unique about them, and I think it’s a great idea to express your individuality through your space. Place something personal like an oracle card or a photo you love next to the natural elements for a dynamic look and feel.

3. Add colour. One of the gifts nature gives us is stunning, vibrant colour. Gather some purple flowers or a rose quartz crystal to add a pleasant pop to your shrine.

4. Make it meaningful. Does a certain crystal resonate with you because of its spiritual significance? Or is there a book or a quote you live by? Place it in your altar for a constant reminder of your beliefs and ideals!

5. Make sure it’s somewhere safe and personal. If you live in a house with five roommates, it’s probably best not to place your altar in the living room where you all gather together. Place it in your room next to your window or in a corner where you feel safe and secure so you never feel like someone’s negative energy is infringing on your sacred space.

Do you have any ideas for building an awesome alter or sacred corner? Let me know in the comments!


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