The great balancing act of life

IMG_2332So many of the incompatibilities or issues that crop up in my life are caused by an imbalance of sorts. Whether it’s too much of one thing or not enough of another, I’m finding more and more that life is really just one big balancing act.

Juggling multiple endeavours with the need to relax and let go is one of those balancing acts that can be tough to perform. There are so many other areas of my life that I feel need to be balanced, from diet and exercise to going out versus staying in. It all comes back to the idea of yin and yang: feminine versus masculine, night versus day and the balance of all these opposing energies.

More and more I’m finding that this is one of life’s many mysteries. All too often, I try to do things all on one end of the spectrum, only to later burn myself out and realize that balance is the key to happiness in many ways.

If my life isn’t balanced, I end up falling too strongly on one side of things, only to bounce back violently on the other later on. The trees that don’t bend will break, and I feel this sentiment repeating itself in my own mind and life often.

To me, the notion of balance is simply a reminder to allow myself to flow with the currents of life and bounce back and forth as the waves wash over me, instead of jerking violently while attempting to control and force one way of life on myself. I feel as though balance is largely about freedom: the freedom to be someone different tomorrow than the person I was yesterday, all while staying true to my core. This really goes for all areas of life, and I think that as I live, I’m learning to flow with the tides and do what I feel, always moving in tandem with the great balancing act.

So in practice, what does this look like? Today I worked out, so tonight I’ll have that piece of cake! Or today I feel like I need a movie day, but tomorrow I’ll dig deep into a classic novel.

Balance is so important to me in so many ways, and I’m finding that as an ideal, it’s up there in my top two or three values. Have you ever uncovered any hidden beliefs or value systems you didn’t know you had? Let me know in the comments!


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