Soft purple and black crochet

IMG_2646Late November is such an exciting time: the Christmas decorations start coming out, the first snowfall usually takes place and everyone starts gearing up for the winter season. I love this time of year; the atmosphere is so alive and bustling, and it’s the perfect time to get cozy with a warm sweater and some thick socks.

Today, I wore muted purple hues and a black crochet sweater. As I begin to transition into winter clothes, I always find myself wearing fewer bright colours and more subtle neutrals.

I love the way Free People does winter clothes: they’re not too preppy or tailored, but still have that boho edge that’s usually reserved for the summer. I decided to pair this crochet sweater with this lavender slip because I love the way the netting peeks out from under the sweater. The velvet floral detailing on the slip is also so romantic, and such a lovely way to bring it into the fall/winter season.

I paired this outfit with black accessories to go with the sweater and protect me from this chilly, wet day. I can’t wait to start mixing and matching more layers during the winter — it’s so much fun to put unexpected pieces together, and it’s so much easier to do this during the colder months.

What part of winter are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments!


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