2016: Goals, intentions and resolutions

IMG_3417The beginning of January is always such a refreshing time. It’s an opportunity to reset, recharge and renew your intentions for the coming year.

This past year gave me so much to be thankful for, and I can’t wait to embark on a new adventure in 2016! Today, I set aside some time to think of what I really want to call into my life in the new year. Check out my intentions below:

1. Put my health and wellness first. With a new diagnosis of diabetes in my life, I’ve been reminded of just how important it is to make my health my first priority. In 2016, I’m planning on setting aside time for relaxation, exercise and lots of healthy food.

2. Read one book a week. As I’ll be finishing up with school in April, self-education is about to become an even more significant aspect of my life. I’m always looking to expand my horizons, and reading a variety of books will help me do this.

3. Set aside time for self care. Leaving time for doing the things I love is so crucial because it helps prevent burn out. In 2016, I’ll be making sure to carve out time in my schedule for writing, shopping, meditation, yoga and all the other things I love.

4. Follow through with clear cut goals. Accomplishing tasks is so much easier when you set out an exact timeline beforehand. In 2016, I’m hoping to establish a career as a freelance writer and work on my own creative projects at the same time.

5. Strengthen my connection to you lovely readers and post more often on my blog. This blog has been a wonderful opportunity for expressing my creativity and sharing my thoughts on different subjects. In 2016, I’d like to keep developing this little side project and help it evolve into the next stage.

6. Develop my kindness muscle and be more compassionate. Above all, I want to try to help others as much as I can. Never underestimate the power of a kind gesture or asking someone how they’re doing.

7. Think positive thoughts. It’s crazy how many negative thoughts you find yourself thinking when you really tune into your inner voice. Not only does thinking positively help you adopt a better mindset, but it also helps you manifest abundance, success and happiness.

8. Finally, my last intention sort of contradicts all of the others. In 2016, I want to let go of any guilt I feel over not being perfect and simply live in the present moment. All we have is the NOW, so staying mindful and centered is so important.

What are your intentions for the new year?! Let me know in the comments below!


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