Striped V-Neck Dress

IMG_3892Hello lovely readers! This week, I’ve been busy with a new internship at Weddingbells magazine. I’ve interned there before, but this time it’s for school credit, which means I’m almost finished my degree! I can’t wait to finally earn my bachelor of journalism from Ryerson and move on to the next step in my life.

So far at Weddingbells, I’m loving all the work I’m doing and the office atmosphere, and everyone is so nice and welcoming. Looking at photos of happy couples, wedding decor and gowns is so inspiring and I feel so lucky to be helping out there.

Today I wore this chic dress I picked up from — yes, you guessed it — Free People! I know I’ve been wearing a lot of FP lately, but I can’t resist, I just identify with their entire brand so much.

I love how form-fitting and flattering this dress is. It’s also long-sleeved and made with a thick material, which makes it super warm for this chilly winter weather.

I paired it with simple black accessories for a streamlined look. Check out more pictures below:

What have you been up to this January?


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