Staying Hopeful in Dark Days


Staying hopeful during tough times isn’t easy, but that’s exactly why it’s so important. It is, however, easy to fall into despair and negativity, but resisting that temptation is the key ingredient to lifting your spirits and producing the best possible outcome for the situation.

I love the idea of banishing the word impossible from your vocabulary altogether. I remember learning about probability in my third grade math class. My teacher was saying that the probability of a hot air balloon flying by our classroom window was slim to none, and I remember thinking that I didn’t understand her. Why should something be less probable just because it seems unusual?

Miracles happen every single day. Why should your life be any less miraculous? Don’t lose hope just because something seems improbable. If you think about it, the reality of the earth and the sun and the stars all working together in perfect order all the time is extremely improbable, but it still happens. The only reason we don’t see this as a miracle is because we’re used to it being our truth.

Think about what you would like to happen in your wildest dreams, and believe it will happen every day. This way, you’ll be aligning your thoughts with your higher self and your optimum reality. Don’t settle for anything less than what you truly desire. But be careful — you just might get what you hope for!


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