How to Guard Against Negative Energies

IMG_4880Have you ever walked into a room and felt an immediate sense of discomfort? Or encountered someone who just gave you bad mental vibes for no apparent reason? I believe that this is caused by energy fields that influence your mood and thoughts just by vibrating at a certain speed or level.

While energy fields can either heighten your mood or put you out of spirits, there are certain ways to lessen the impact of negative vibes on your overall wellbeing. Read on to see my ideas for shielding yourself against bad vibes to retain your good mood throughout the day:

  1. Cleanse your space and body with sage. While you may not want to bring a burning sage bundle into the mall or a party, you can certainly use one in your own home or office to clear the air of negative energies. Recent scientific studies have proven that not only has sage been used by ancient cultures as a means of cleansing the energy of a space, but it also purifies the air, ridding it of harmful toxins and invisible particles (or maybe these two uses are one in the same!).
  2. Imagine a shield of colourful light surrounding you. If you’re in a situation where you can literally feel someone’s negative energies or mood infiltrating your aura, it helps to visualize a shield of golden white or pink (my personal favourite) light surrounding your person to guard against the negative vibes. I also like to do this while meditating as a healing exercise.
  3. Remember that someone else’s reality doesn’t have to be your reality. This one is tough to remember, but when you do remind yourself of this simple fact, it really helps. If you hear someone talking about how terrible the economy is right now or making some other (negative) sweeping generalization about the world, try to tell yourself that while that may be true in that person’s world, it doesn’t have to be true in yours. Don’t let your perception be jaded by someone else’s negative opinions. Know your own truth and stick to it, even if someone is trying to tell you otherwise.

How do you guard against negative vibes? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “How to Guard Against Negative Energies

  1. Hi Kenzie, thank you for sharing these tips! I love sage and what it represents. Doing this ritual can be so cleansing for me, whether I believe the sage is really cleansing the bad vibes or not. At work (I’m an occupational therapist at a hospital), I sometimes encounter people who give me bad vibes, and the minute I feel it, I take a deep breath and remind myself that I am me, they are they, that their vibes are the result of a multitude of reasons and experiences that I cannot begin to understand, and I can choose not to let their negativity affect me. Sometimes, that’s enough, and I can remain polite, respectful, and patient, but when it doesn’t work, I have to excuse myself, leave the room (as long as the patient is safe of course), and pace the hallway a bit to collect my own good vibes, before going back in. Next time, I’ll add visualizing a light shield. Thank you again for your tips.

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