How to Ask the Universe for What You Want

IMG_5099By now, you must have heard the term “manifestation” used at your yoga class, in a new age book, or in a podcast. If you haven’t, it basically means to bring about the things you want in life through your thoughts and visualizations. But how do you actually do it?

From visualization to affirmations, there are loads of ways to manifest your deepest desires (as long as your desires are for the greater good of you and humanity!). I find that the way that feels the most effective to me is writing these things down on paper. This way, you’ve brought the words into real, concrete existence, bringing you one step closer to actually having these things.

I recently finished reading a book called Living With Angels by Theolyn Cortens. One of the chapters detailed how to write a letter to your angels affirming the things you desire most in life.

Even if you don’t believe in angels, you can address this letter to whatever force you do believe in like the universe, fate, your higher self, God, Allah, Buddha, Oprah–whatever makes you feel comfortable and like you’re speaking to a real entity. The idea is to get the things you want most out of life down onto paper so you can start thinking of them as real, tangible possibilities instead of pipe dreams.

This brings me to the key point: make sure you’re writing down what you want in your wildest dreams. Don’t hold back, don’t limit yourself. Just write down what your soul truly desires most in life and don’t worry about how you’ll bring this into existence or whether it’s possible.

Make sure you’re as specific as possible. I actually wrote down the dates I want these things to happen for me. The more specific you are, the more real it will feel and the easier it will be for your “force” to bring it into existence.

Write your letter in a quiet, comfortable room where you can relax and focus. Do a quick clean so your room is de-cluttered, light candles and spray lavender room spray or something similar to get in the mood. You could also do a meditation before you start writing to make sure you’re writing from the heart.

You can write your letter in your journal if you like, but I listened to Theolyn’s suggestion of writing it down on pretty paper, which naturally made the whole experience much more fun!

When you’re finished, take a minute to look over your letter, breathe and maybe do another meditation. Keep affirming that these things will happen for you and don’t limit your thinking. Happy manifesting!


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