How Gratitude Journaling Changed My Perspective


We’ve all heard about gratitude journaling — but what does it actually entail? And how can it change your life?

This year, I’ve started taking my gratitude journal much more seriously. I used to journal off and on whenever I felt like it, but now, I make a point of writing down at least five things I’m grateful for every single day — even when I’m in a rush.

Your daily entries don’t have to be super long or even full sentences. I use my “One Line A Day” journal to jot down my ideas in the morning and again at night if I feel inspired.

Feeling grateful for everything in your life is so important, but writing these things down on paper makes it all feel that much more real and committed. Once you begin to count your blessings in a tangible way, it’s impossible to feel negativity creeping in.

I like to try to come up with different answers each day. This way, you’re not just journaling on autopilot, but you’re really stretching your mind to feel grateful for the things you frequently take for granted.

We all feel grateful for our families, our friends and our homes, but have you ever stopped to be thankful for the earth, the air, your bus driver? There are literally endless things to be grateful for; all you have to do is take five minutes out of your day to think of them.

Once you make gratitude journaling a non-negotiable part of your routine, there’s no going back. Your whole perspective changes: you become more open, less judgmental and simply happier!

Everything in this life is a blessing, even the things that seem bad or negative. Thank the universe for your missteps and your losses just as often as you thank it for your gains.

How do you like to practice gratitude? What are you grateful for today?


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