Channeling Your Inner Goddess


I believe that deep down, everyone possesses intense power, wisdom and peace. One of my major life goals is to channel this power and bring it out so I can impact the world in a real way.

Getting to know yourself — the real, inner you — is truly crucial. It sets you up for success in so many ways, but mostly, it helps you shine your light on the rest of humanity so you can serve your higher purpose, which, to me, is the ultimate version of success that you can achieve.

Tapping into your true goddess nature isn’t selfish in any way. In order to do your best work for others, you need to first work on yourself and allow this inner light to shine as bright as possible.

It also isn’t something that only women can do. The masculine and feminine is present in everyone, and men can still benefit from channeling their inner goddess wisdom. Also, I like the word goddess, but you can choose any other word that feels best for you, whether it’s inner self, true nature or the divine spark within you.

If I tried to list all the ways to act from your higher self, I would be here all day. From meditating, to being in nature and moving your body, there are countless ways to achieve this. Only you know the best way to harness this infinite energy source and let it become the dominant force during your journey. Whichever path you decide to take, it will be the right one.

Overtime, your inner goddess will become stronger and stronger until she merges with you, creating a beautiful, shimmery, peaceful and wise being. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Simply remember that you do have this goddess within you, and that it’s your job to bring her out. Once you begin to keep this in mind as you work, hang out with friends and go through life, your inner light will shine brighter with each day.


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