Daydreaming, oracle cards

Why Daydreaming Should be on Your Daily Agenda

Daydreaming, oracle cards

When’s the last time you daydreamed? I mean, sat on your bed, stared up at the ceiling, and let your mind wander to another universe?

Chances are, if you’re over the age of 10, it’s been a while. Children are experts at daydreaming, but the sad thing is that we usually lose this ability when we grow up.

When you’re older, the fairies and pink fluffy clouds in your mind are replaced by things like job security, assignments and your plans for the weekend. Did our daydreaming faculty die? Or have we just lost sight of it?

I like to think that the imagination is like a muscle, and if we never use it, it’ll atrophy. For example, in your mind, try to think of the most beautiful garden ever. Got it? Now — what kind of flowers were in your garden? Was it sunny or cloudy? Were there birds or insects or butterflies? What did the ground look like? See, it’s not that easy to flex your imagination muscle on demand.

Daydreaming can do so many wonderful things for you. It takes you away to another time and place when you’re feeling stressed, bored or sad, and it almost always ends up with some sort of creative idea surfacing in your consciousness.

That’s not to say that one should be daydreaming all the time, or using it as an easy way out when things get tough. But it can be an extremely valuable tool for brainstorming, relaxing, or even figuring out what you want on a deeply personal level.

The next time you’re in the bath, or on the treadmill, or waiting for a subway train, try to imagine something awesome. Whether it’s a crystal palace in the sky or another galaxy where everyone lives inside flowers (um, can I go here?), you’re sure to come up with something inspiring.

Let me know what you dream up in the comments!


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