My New Ebook: The Crystal Grid

The Crystal Grid 2

I’ve been working on this little passion project of mine, The Crystal Grid, for some time now, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all. I started writing this novel last fall because I felt like there was a need for more uplifting, magical fairy tales. Every time I went to the book store, I saw that dark, dystopian novels full of war and violence dominated the fantasy shelves, and I just wanted to create something that people could read to escape to another world and feel inspired.

The ebook is a work of fiction about a small-town girl named Dahlia, whose world is turned upside down when she meets Foster O’Shea, a handsome and mysterious man who takes her to a different realm full of crystals, fairies and other magical creatures. Over the course of the narrative, she learns more about herself than she ever imagined was possible and uncovers her own fantastic power, all while having the time of her life in a magical and beautiful land.

I had a lot of fun writing this, so I hope you enjoy reading it! Click here to buy a digital copy and please spread the word. Thank you for your support!


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