Finding Balance in a Goal-Oriented World

So much of my life as a young adult has been dominated by goals, achievements and striving. I don’t think I’m special or an over-achiever by any means, but I believe that everyone in my generation is ruled by this go go go attitude. 

I’m not sure where this outlook stems from, and I do think it’s positive in many ways, but like everything else in life, it definitely needs to be balanced by its opposite. Learning to live in the moment and be grateful for the present is something I’m trying hard to cultivate these days, and with social media, advertising and the well-meaning opinions of others infiltrating my mind (my fault for letting them in, I know!) I find it increasingly difficult. 

Looking back on these past few years – and even the past few days – so much of my headspace has been occupied by the next goal, the next time-filler, the next opportunity. I am beyond grateful for everything in my life and all the wonderful things that have happened for me so far – don’t get me wrong! But time and time again, I feel myself falling out of the present and into the future. Whether I’m worried, excited, or simply anticipating the future, I’m rarely here and now fully.

As a 22-year-old with an exciting career and so many other amazing experiences ahead of her, it’s challenging to simply sit still, be, and enjoy without rushing into the future head-on. Why is this such a difficult thing to master? The answer to this would require a book or a term paper, not a teensy blog post. But I’m writing this to remind myself and possibly others that the present moment is ALL WE HAVE! I know this is a concept I write about a lot, but I really think that it’s the most important lesson there is to learn in this life – and the hardest. 

Let’s all make it our intention for the next week, day, or even hour to listen more acutely, feel more intensely, and notice things we normally wouldn’t. Pay attention, because before you know it, the moment will be gone forever. Share this post or comment your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you!


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