Be Happy Now

Lately, I’ve been watching all the documentaries on Gaia TV (seriously, allll of them), and it’s been opening up my mind to so many different viewpoints, philosophies and spiritual traditions. Even though I’ve already learned many of the lessons before, sometimes you have to keep re-learning the same things over and over again to really make them stick.

Most recently, I watched a doc about reincarnation and past lives. It was so interesting watching past life regression sessions and learning about the idea that we all ultimately reincarnate into new lives and bodies so we can gain spiritual knowledge and grow as souls. The past life experts explained that often, we will choose lives with much adversity before we come down to earth so we can grow and learn even more through the hardship.

This idea got me thinking: why would I choose this life, as a woman in Toronto in the 21st century? My life has been relatively easy up until this point, and I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities and so much love.

The next question I asked myself cleared up the answer a little bit: have I always been happy and at peace in this life? No. Despite the many gifts I’ve been given, and the ease with which I’ve navigated life so far, I (like most other humans in the west) still let things get to me, and I often allow stresses and anxieties about perceived problems set into my emotional field.

One common theme running through most spiritual documentaries, teachings and readings is that our emotions dictate the events that occur in our lives and our vibrational frequencies. If you feel stressed, anxious and depressed, you will be vibrating at a lower level and you will bring more of these lower energies into your life.

Maybe I came into this life at this time to learn that even if everything is going well in your world from an outside perspective, you can still feel completely at war with yourself inside. We tend to create problems out of thin air, and I’ve noticed that just when I begin to feel peaceful, my ego will try to sabotage the positive feelings to stay in the spotlight.

We have to be happy now. Not when we get a new job, not when we’ve reached a certain income, not when we find love, not when our life isn’t messy and our hair is perfect, but now.

All we have is now, and you will never be more perfect than you are at this moment. Everything moves along perfectly in divine order because it can’t not. Look at nature: the flowers bloom exactly when they’re supposed to, and the tides come in and out at the perfect time.

Your ego will always have something else to say. It will always try to sabotage your happiness and tell you that you’re not enough.

Listen to the wisdom of your higher self: the voice that’s calm, at peace and joyful always. Take a deep breath into your belly and be happy now. Because now is all we ever have.


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