Mental Hygiene 101: How I Keep My Inner World Clean

Sometimes, all it takes is one moment for your inner landscape to shift and change everything. Your attitude can change just from one movie, one book, one sentence even. In one second, everything can click and you’ll have a brand new outlook.

That said, I believe that constantly taking measures to keep our minds positive and uplifted is essential. Everything can change in an instant, but the same is true in reverse: all it takes is one negative thought to start the momentum in the other direction and set you on a downward spiral!

Lately, I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks. If you haven’t heard of them or of the law of attraction, you’ll definitely want to check them out and listen to a few of their talks on YouTube (unless you’re not interested in bringing more good into your life, that is!).

Basically, they teach that our thoughts create our realities, and we can always tell if our thoughts are creating something positive or negative based on how we feel. If you often feel sad, bored, disappointed or any other negative emotion, it’s because you’ve been thinking a thought that isn’t going to bring positive situations into your life.

It isn’t always easy to remember this in the moment when you’re angry or upset about something, but this is where mental hygiene comes in! If you surround yourself with enough uplifting energy, words and thoughts, then you will begin to think this way, too, so you can feel better and ultimately create the life of your dreams.

Some of my favourite ways to engage in mental hygiene are listening to audiobooks, podcasts or YouTube videos about inspirational topics. Kathrin Zenkina of Manifestation Babe calls it “mindset food,” and I can’t think of a more fitting term. You’re literally feeding your mind with stimuli, thoughts, beliefs and information in every moment, so what are you going to consume: donuts or vegetables?

If I can listen to or read mindset food while exercising, even better. Getting those endorphins flowing is an amazing way to switch up your mental space and set a new train of thought in motion.

I also love reading inspirational books about achieving your dreams and feeling positive emotions. Reading forces you to tune everything out and focus on the information flowing into your consciousness, so it’s a great way to infuse your mind with the good stuff.

Yoga (kundalini is especially effective for switching up your mental state), meditation, or even just taking a few conscious breaths to set a new intention can also help you cleanse your emotional field of low-vibrating feelings, but you don’t necessarily have to be in a yoga studio wearing Lululemon to engage in them! It’s all about intention and telling your mind that you’re choosing to focus on the positive. Your subconscious will get the hint, and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Today’s uber-connected world is both a blessing and a curse. We’re constantly tapped into the news, negative situations and the lives of strangers, and our mental fields can become clogged so easily.

It’s more important now than ever to cleanse our minds and bodies and keep our energies high vibrational, light and happy.

How do you cleanse your mind of negativity and stay focused on the positive? I’d love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Mental Hygiene 101: How I Keep My Inner World Clean

  1. Same! Ab Hicks & positive/self help/law of attraction books. Current read is You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, highly recommend! Lovely post BTW!:)

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