I am a lover of many things, but there’s nothing I love more than sharing the things I’m passionate about with others. I’ve found the past few months to be a great opportunity to spend more time getting to know myself and what lights me up, and I feel like I’m rediscovering so many passions I had let fall by the wayside recently (blogging included!).

Friday Faves will be a new series devoted to sharing the things I’m currently loving. Whether it’s an inspiring podcast or a healthy snack, I’m always looking for fun things to add into my daily wellness routine, and I figure it’s only fair if I share them with you here.

Without further ado, here are this week’s Friday Faves:

Drink: Organika Blue Mylk Latte

I used to love popping down to McEwan’s for a “smurf latte,” which is a blue latte made with butterfly pea powder, but obviously since the pandemic I haven’t been able to do that. I recently spotted this latte mix at Summerhill Market made with butterfly pea powder and spirulina and I had to give it a try. Spirulina is extremely nutritious and high in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so this latte is super healthy and also supports relaxation. Plus it makes for a fun and colourful boomerang on Insta!

Book: Happiness is the Way by Wayne Dyer


The late Wayne Dyer has been called “the father of motivation” for the sage advice and positive guidance he provided throughout his career as an author and speaker. My friend recently gave me the tip that this book is a compilation of some of his best writings put together by his family, and it’s available for $2 on Kindle. It made for a quick and easy weekend read and a great way to re-focus priorities.

Meditation: Emotional Fatigue Buster by Kimilla

Kundalini Yoga: Emotional Fatigue Buster | KIMILLA - YouTube


I recently wrote a blog post all about the amazing practice of kundalini and my favourite teacher, Kimilla who is based in Australia. I do one of her videos every day because they help to keep my mindset uplifted and the movements combined with breathwork, mantra and music are super effective at creating energy shifts. In particular, I love doing her breath of fire video in the morning to get centered, but I also feel like the emotional fatigue buster is perfect for the state of the world right now. Kimilla says it can help to dissolve emotional fatigue in just 3 minutes, and who couldn’t use some of that right now?

Snack: Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats


Speaking of spirulina and Summerhill Market, I also picked up Purely Elizabeth’s blueberry lemon Vibrant Oats made with blue spirulina, gluten free oats, coconut sugar and more. It’s so easy to just add water and a scoop of almond butter to the cup in the morning for a yummy and healthy breakfast.

Sleep Hypnosis: Michael Sealey

Deep Sleep Meditation: Relaxation, Recovery & Replenishment by ...


If you’ve been experiencing sleep disturbances since the onset of the pandemic, you’re not alone! I’ve always loved falling asleep to nature sounds or a meditation, and lately I’ve been loving Michael Sealey’s videos. He has different hypnosis sessions for confidence, relaxation, letting go of negative thought patterns, and so many others, and they’re nice and long so you’ll definitely fall asleep before it’s over. If you’re wary of the term “hypnosis,” have no fear – it’s not as weird as it sounds and it’s really just a deep relaxation (stay tuned for a post on this soon).

What are some things that are giving you joy right now? Let me know in the comments!

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