Kundalini Yoga: 5 Reasons to Try This Ancient Practice

Spirit Explosion

Kimilla is a yoga teacher and surfer living in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia. I was lucky enough to come across her amazing online kundalini yoga videos a few years ago, and I’ve been fascinated by this beautiful practice ever since.

It’s difficult to say what’s so special about kundalini yoga in comparison to more mainstream forms of yoga like ashtanga or hatha. To me, it simply feels much more powerful, strong and almost esoteric because so few studios in Toronto offer it.

At first glance, some of the movements performed in a kundalini yoga class may seem odd or “out there.” They’re nothing like what you might experience in a regular yoga class. For example, in one online yoga class I recently did with Kimilla, the exercises included performing 108 frog squats in a row or moving your arm up and down at the shoulder like a lever for minutes at a time.

The point of exercises such as these is to “break you open,” as Kimilla would say, and to get you to move beyond the mind into a meditative state. For me personally, I can say these exercises have made me more aware of my thoughts and willing to let go of resistance in every other area of my life.

“I fell in love with the enchanting library of kriyas, this is the true treasure of Kundalini Yoga,” Kimilla says of her own journey with the practice.

She says the first time she took a class was life-changing and so gratifying in a way she had never experienced before.

“I remember the morning when I experienced my first kundalini yoga class… My life changed forever. I knew it was my destiny because my spirit exploded, and my heart and crown chakra were beaming for days! I was so happy!” Kimilla says. “I was 21, this was the awakening of my kundalini energy and I felt so at home. I have never stopped teaching what I have discovered, I am honoured and grateful to share this divine adventure with my family of yogis.”

As they say, you should “teach what you love and share what you know,” which is exactly what Kimilla has been doing ever since she fell in love with kundalini yoga. While everyone’s first experience with kundalini yoga will be different, here are five benefits you may reap from this practice:

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Energy Movement

Often, old emotions can become stuck or lodged in areas of our energy field. Kundalini yoga combines strong breathwork, chanting of mantras, and movement exercises to help move stagnant energy from your aura and clear out the old to make way for the new.

pink breathe neon sign

Nervous System Strengthening

Although you may be irritated in the moment, performing exercises that involve feats of strength like holding your arms up in a mudra for 10 minutes or longer will ultimately bring you so many benefits. Some of the exercises performed during a kundalini yoga class will help you strengthen your nervous system, which will enable you to feel more calm and cool during everyday situations which may otherwise make your nerves crumble.

white lotus flower on body of water

A Higher Awareness

Even after just one kundalini yoga class, you will notice your mind and thoughts have become much clearer. The deep and fast breathing exercises (like breath of fire) combined with mindful movement will potentially help you unlock a persistent thought loop or clear your mind so you can make decisions much more swiftly and confidently.

woman standing grass field

Chakra Clearing

Through its various movements, breathing patterns and mantras, kundalini yoga helps to clear out the chakra system, which is made of up seven energy centres in the body that govern areas of wellbeing like security, love, and confidence. Whether it’s opening the heart chakra or clearing the root chakra to help you feel more secure and grounded, kundalini yoga can help you open the pranic flow and align you with the source of all life.

macro photography of black ceramic Gautama Buddha miniature

Healing Stress and Anxiety

From my own personal perspective, I can safely say kundalini yoga has helped me release stuck or stagnant energy that is anxious in nature. Even while watching movies or doing some other activity, I’ve found myself shaking my hands and breathing deeply as we often do in kundalini yoga class to let any remaining stressful energy flow out of my body.

I recently completed Kimilla’s 10 day transformation challenge on her YouTube channel, and she offers so many other video classes which are perfect for quarantining. I would highly recommend giving Kimilla’s 10 day challenge a try. I’ve never felt more open, aligned and emotionally stable from these practices and I can safely say I’m hooked!

Once we are ready to go back into the world, below are three great studios in Toronto which offer kundalini yoga classes:
889 Toronto
Bliss Yoga Studio
Lotus Yoga Centre

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