Bermuda Loving

Bermuda has been one of my favourite places in the world for as long as I can remember. Its bright blue waters, rock formations and pink sand give it a Never-Never Land feel, while the ultra friendly people who live on the island make each stay so unforgettable.

I can’t believe this weekend marks my ninth stay on the island, and I’m so happy to be back. This year, we stayed at The Reefs: one of my favourite hotels of all time. Seriously, when people ask me what my happy place is, I say the infinity pool overlooking the beach at The Reefs. I love the quiet atmosphere and elegant feel of this place, and visiting in the off-season has made it even more tranquil and relaxing.

Although this year’s stay is short, we’ve still made time for plenty of relaxation, long walks on the beach and soaking in all the natural beauty on the island. If you’re from somewhere similar to Toronto, you’ll know that a visit somewhere warm can make all the difference during the bleakness of winter. Just being around the colourful flowers, chirping birds and mesmerizing ocean has done wonders for my soul.

I’m still holding out for my dream of living here one day, but until then, here are a few highlights from our visit:

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