Boat Cruise Around Capri + Day Trip to Pompeii

We’ve been busy over here in Italy, seeing as much as we can of the gorgeous Campania region before it’s time to move onto the next destination. We’re using the beautiful island of Capri as our home base and doing day trips to places like Sorrento, Pompeii and Positano. It’s tiring, but I think we’re really starting to get a feel for this beautiful country!

Yesterday we took a boat cruise around Capri and saw sights like Faraglioni, a gorgeous natural arch in the ocean, a couple of stunning electric blue caves, a lighthouse and more before we settled in at the beach for some chill time. Today, we made the trek to Pompeii to catch a glimpse of the ancient ruins and get our fill of history before a quick dinner in Sorrento then a ferry back to our sweet homestead! Check out some photos of our adventures in Italy below:
The water here is such a striking shade of blue. Circling the island proved to be a magical experience — the angels even came to visit in the clouds! 

Walking around the ancient town of Pompeii was awesome yet so eerie at the same time. I can’t imagine what life would’ve been like for the people who lived there, but it was so interesting to get a glimpse into their dwelling spaces and public buildings. It made me wonder whether someday a futuristic race will be exploring our ruins, armed with contraptions far more advanced than selfie sticks! 

Today was an incredible day, and I can’t wait to keep exploring Italy tomorrow. Stay tuned for more posts and make sure to follow along on social media! 

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