Book Review: Mastering Your Mean Girl

I’ve been following health and wellness guru, Melissa Ambrosini,for a long time, so when I heard she was releasing her first published book, I was ecstatic. I hadn’t gotten around to ordering the book yet when my friend, Ali, asked if I would be interested in forming a Mastering Your Mean Girl book club. Of course! I said before heading to Amazon to get my copy.

I’m usually a pretty average to slow reader, but with Melissa’s book, I read it in about two seconds flat. With a solid message of love over fear and silencing your mean girl, Melissa’s writing is not only clear as a bell, but also so inspiring. It felt like I was talking to an old friend about life instead of reading a book, and I was so gripped by her own personal story of transformation and growth.

As someone in her early twenties who often feels lost, confused, and insecure, I feel like Melissa’s story really resonated with me. She details her struggles with self-loathing, overeating, and choosing jobs that weren’t aligned with her purpose, which I think are issues that too many young women deal with today.

I appreciated how she really got down into the nitty gritty of her story, instead of shying away from cringey details (read: at one point, she rehashes a drunken episode in a club, which involved being thrown out by a bouncer with her skirt around her waist!). Melissa is funny, truthful, and vulnerable–a quality she says helped her gain a following in her early days of writing, speaking and coaching.

I think what makes Mastering Your Mean Girl such a delicious and irresistible read is Melissa’s message that you CAN live the life of your dreams, you CAN make money by living your passions, and you CAN find the love of your life, just by choosing love over fear in every moment. Her message is simple, heartfelt, and most importantly, true.

As someone who has struggled with overeating, I can say that I haven’t overeaten or chosen unhealthy foods for almost two weeks since I finished her book, which is a huge accomplishment to me! While you might think “love over fear” sounds oversimplified and trite, those three small words have real, solid applications to life, and they are truly powerful.

Mastering Your Mean Girl is funny, relatable, and totally applicable to real life, which are all refreshing qualities for a self-help book. While I think the book is especially helpful and true for young women around my age, I think anyone of any age group, gender, or race could benefit from reading this. Melissa pulls wisdom from all the great spiritual teachers and traditions from throughout time to provide a fresh and modern take on living life from love.

It really is so simple, yet we choose to make it so complicated! Choose love over fear in every moment, and you can’t go wrong.

Have you read Mastering Your Mean Girl? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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