How to Debloat When You’re Feeling Puffy


I don’t know if I’m just super sensitive, but these days, it seems like I’m always puffy. Everything from sugar to a bit of alcohol inflames me, so I’m always looking for the best ways to debloat my entire body.

Ever since I stopped drinking alcohol, I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in general puffiness, especially around my face. Drinking is a major cause of inflammation and swollen facial tissues, which is why you may notice your eyes have shrunk three sizes after a long night of drinking.

This past Easter weekend, I had a tiny brownie and a butter tart after dinner, and the next day, I noticed my whole body was inflamed from the sugar. I’m realizing just how sensitive our bodies are to things like alcohol, sugar and processed foods, and how easy, everyday practices can help banish bloat.

Here are four ways to debloat and reduce that puff:

1. Drink lots of water. Sometimes, you may be bloated or puffy because you’re dehydrated, so make sure you drink lots of water during the day. I probably drink anywhere from five to 10 glasses a day and I find it helps me feel full between meals while keeping those three p.m. headaches at bay. I like this bkr glass water bottle for holding filtered water while I’m on the go (it’s BPA-free!).

2. Exercise. I find exercise is one of the best ways to debloat and reduce inflammation. From walking outside in nature to jumping on my trampoline, I find even just 10 minutes of brisk movement is the fastest and easiest way to calm puffiness in my face and belly.

3. Try apple cider vinegar. You’ve probably already heard talk of apple cider vinegar as a weight loss supplement in the wellness circuit, but did you know it can also help with the digestion process and keep your blood sugar levels stable? I take the capsules with meals for the latter issue, but I also find it helps to soothe puffiness and keep appetite in check.

jade roller debloat

4. Jade rollers. Used for centuries as a pampering tool in China, jade crystal facial rollers are a beautiful and luxurious way to depuff your face. I just bought mine today at Happy Soul crystal shop in Toronto and I’m already in love. All you have to do is place it in the freezer for a few hours, cleanse and moisturize your face, then roll it in an outward motion around your brow, cheeks, chin and dรฉcolletage. Not only will the jade feel amazing and help with lymphatic drainage, but the green stone will also bring you a lovely healing energy. At Happy Soul, they also had rose quartz and a few other kinds of crystal rollers, so if you’re in the city, you should definitely check them out at Bloor and Dovercourt. They even cleansed the energy of my roller with a singing bowl before I took it home.

How do you debloat when you’re feeling puffy? Let me know in the comments below!