Exploring Iceland Part Two

Today was our last day in Iceland and I feel like our choice to spend three full days here was perfect. We got to see all the natural wonders of the golden circle and the ring road as well as the upbeat vibe of Reykjavik without feeling rushed or crunched for time. 

We spent the morning and early afternoon at the blue lagoon, a beautiful spa with naturally warm, bright blue waters. Driving up to the spa, which is located in Grindavik, we felt like we were on Mars because of the piles and piles of rock formations surrounding us and the steam rising in the distance. It was really a remarkable scene before we even arrived.

We chose the premium package at the spa, which meant we received access to the lagoon, a robe and slippers, sparkling wine, two facial masks and a reservation at Lava restaurant. We were so glad we chose this package because the entire day made for a once in a lifetime experience. 

It was so lovely and relaxing swimming in the water, which stays at a comforting 38 degrees C because of the geothermal activity (don’t ask me to explain it I don’t do science). Plus, the water is made up of silica, algae and minerals, so it’s great for your hair and skin. But the best part is that it’s self-cleansing, renewing itself every 40 hours, so you don’t have to worry about germs like in public pools! 

We swam around the crystallized rock formations and under the bridges to the waterfalls, steam room and sauna for about two hours before we showered and headed to the cafe for some prosecco. After our drinks, we made our way to the restaurant where I ordered the fish of the day, which was catfish (unlike the American lake catfish, my server informed me) with barley, kale and carrots. It was delicious! 

Once we had finished up at the lagoon, we drove around Grindavik for a while and found this deserted fishing village by the beach called Selatangar with abandoned stone huts and rock walls. It was really cool to see the beach and smell the ocean while imagining what it was like to live in those eerie buildings hundreds of years ago. The sign even said there was a malevolent ghost that used to haunt the village! 

After a long day of touring, we’ve arrived back at our Airbnb and are gearing up for a night out on the town in Reykjavik. Thanks for having us Iceland! Onto the next destination. 

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