5 Ways to Follow Your Joy

This morning while I was journalling, so much good material on getting in flow, finding joy and magnetizing success came through.

I don’t know how much of it was made up by my subconscious and how much of it was actually channeled, but either way, it helped me get into alignment instantly. If you’d like to try channeling, just start writing in your journal and don’t let your pen come off the paper. Set the intention to have some wisdom come through, and if you’re relaxed and flowing enough, it will. 

I ended up writing almost 10 pages during my journal sesh. The answers were surprisingly simple and to-the-point, and also beautifully worded. I saw images of plucking a jewel from inside a flower, fountains flowing, and playing a harp that was out of tune, which illustrated my focus on the things I didn’t want. There was also a lot of talk about warm, buttery sunlight, and only doing things that felt that way in order to melt down the barriers I had put in place against my happiness.

I received the message that I was taking everything too seriously, including spirituality. The only meaning of being “spiritual” is letting the light in, and surrendering to happiness as often as you can. It doesn’t have to be anything fancier than that. Of course I would infuse spirituality with my limited human perspective and treat it as another goal to work towards or a discipline that has to be so tough and heavy. The term “tangible realities” was also mentioned a few times, which I understood as focusing on the real things right in front of me to find joy and peace, like a tree in the sun or a piece of jewelry. 

We tend to complicate things so much as humans, and we forget how lovely and simple life can be. Here are five ways to follow your bliss and let in that glorious, melted butter feeling:

1. Read something totally trashy. Have you ever forced yourself to read a book in your downtime because you felt like you “should” expand your knowledge of a certain subject or check out a certain author with great reviews? I definitely have, and I’ve never gotten anything out of it except a headache. If you’re going to read, why not read something fun that you can’t put down? Life is too short to read something that doesn’t stimulate you, so read whatever you’re pulled to read. 

2. Try a fun new workout class. Moving your body is the best way to rearrange your energy and feel more joyful in minutes. It can be so fun to push yourself out of your comfort zone and experience something new, and there’s truly an endless number of different workouts to try. Giving yourself an hour to be in your body, listen to music and breathe is one of the fastest ways to change your energy, and it will free up more space for you to relax and enjoy life. 

3. Smile. Sometimes, letting joy in is as simple as changing something in your physical body. When you smile, even if it’s fake, your brain catches the hint and releases more happy hormones. Watch a funny video online if you have to. The more you smile, the happier you’ll feel. 

4. Notice something around you that makes you happy. I know when I’m in the depths of anxiety, this piece of advice makes me mad. “I don’t want to notice my surroundings! I want to fixate on this annoying problem I have!” It can feel impossible to release your problems and just look around you without judgment, but once you take the leap, you’ll start to feel better instantly. Take a deep breath and look outside at the trees or a squirrel, or just look down at the lines in your hand and observe. Try to notice the most beautiful aspects of your reality and let the gentle movements all around you calm you down. 

5. Get creative. Creating things is really one of the greatest joys of life. You don’t have to be an artist to create something. Even if it’s something as simple as organizing your desk, writing a journal entry or picking out a really beautiful outfit, creative acts will always give you a sense of satisfaction, no matter how small. Remember that you’re powerful and you have the ability to bring beauty to the world, even if it’s through something seemingly inconsequential. I always find I feel so much better on days when I put effort into my appearance. We don’t have to feel guilty for making the world around us beautiful. It’s never a waste of time, and in fact, I think infusing the world with beauty is crucial for humanity’s survival (sounds dramatic, but really, who wants to live in a world void of all beauty?!). 

Today’s journaling session was so beautiful and I’m so happy I opened up to the experience of channeling. Of course the messages I received would be pure and simple. Our higher selves just want us to be happy and loving, and yet we complicate things so much. 

How can you let more joy into your experience today? Let me know in the comments below!