High Park Cherry Blossoms

Every year, the cherry blossoms bloom in High Park, and the whole area is inundated with visitors. This year, it was just as busy as years past, but I always try to brave the crowds at least once to check out the pretty pink trees (and get some pictures, of course!).

The park’s 2,000 trees were a gift from Japan in 1959, after Toronto accepted the Japanese people during the Second World War. The fact that the trees represent the welcoming and inclusive attitude of our country makes them even more special and beautiful.

Check out some of my pictures below! I love my white Free People pantsuit for romping around the city on spring days, and my Jeffrey Campbell espadrilles are so perfect for the warm weather, too. I also took some pictures with a beautiful magnolia tree where it was much less crowded, although I think it’s just as stunning as the cherry blossoms.

What did you think of this post? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to visit the blossoms if you’re in Toronto!