Ireland Part Four: Cobh, Kinsale and Dublin

Our Irish road trip has been an absolute whirlwind! From the luxurious Marlfield House Hotel to the uber cool, laid-back Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar, Dublin, and everything in between, we’ve really immersed ourselves in Ireland’s rich culture and history. Needless to say, I’ve fallen even more in love with Ireland since my last visit in 2007, when I was just a wee seventh grader.

After our stay at the ridiculously charming Longueville House (seriously, I felt like I had stepped onto the set of a period film), we stopped in at Cobh, the port town where the Titanic picked up passengers on its way to America, and then continued onto the lovely harbour town, Kinsale. There, we stayed in Perryville House, a beautifully decorated mansion with a pink exterior and a peat fire burning 24/7 (hello, heavenly aroma and ambiance!). It would have been a most pleasant stay, but it was made absolutely unforgettable when my sister and her boyfriend announced that they had just been engaged at Blarney Castle! To celebrate, we (my parents, my sister, her boyfriend and his parents) all had an excellent dinner at Finn’s Table. It was delicious and we were all in such high spirits from the engagement and the romantic vibe that’s so prevalent all over Ireland.

Once we had wrapped up our stay in Kinsale, my parents and I headed back up north to Dublin to explore a little before our flight tomorrow. We’ve seen so much of Ireland during the past ten days, it’s been absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to visit this majestic green country again when I get the chance. But enough of my blabbering, check out the photos below!

Cobh, Ireland

Perryville House, Kinsale, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

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