Italy Part One: Roma

We’ve been moving at lightning speed through this Eurotrip, and Rome is the last super touristy city we’ll be visiting. While I’m excited to be here, it will be so nice to move away from the major tourist attractions and crowds to enjoy some r&r by the ocean! 

But for now, we’re soaking up all that this ancient city has to offer. I’m finding that one of the most charming characteristics of Rome is the vibrant feel of its streets. I love wandering down the narrow cobblestone roads and spotting the most adorable coloured doorways surrounded by lush vines and flowers with jaunty terracotta stucco as a backdrop. Major tourist destinations like the Vatican and the Trevi fountain are beautiful, but in my humble opinion, the unique appeal of this city lies in its less frequented areas. Check out a few of my highlights from the past two days below: 

Orange, green, blue, pink — the colours were definitely the first thing I noticed about Rome! I’m glad we came in May so we could see the city in full bloom.

We found a lovely café near our hotel called La Bottega del Caffè. Its patio is covered in the most beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers and there’s a courtyard with a fountain beside it. While I’m trying to stay away from anything with high amounts of carbs (don’t get me started on how difficult this is in Italy. Let’s just say that tears have been shed!), they have delicious salads and espresso here.

One of the first tourist destinations we hit in Rome was the coliseum. The sheer size of this ancient building is enough to make your jaw drop! 

Next we hit the Vatican to see the museum, the Sistine chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Michaelangelo’s ceiling was particularly inspiring; I couldn’t believe that one man could create such a masterpiece.

Finally, I made a wish at the Trevi fountain before stopping for some espresso! Keep an eye out for more updates as we explore Italy. 

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