Italy Part Two: Capri

Yesterday we took the train from Rome to Naples followed by the ferry to our final destination of the Isle of Capri. Before we even reached land I knew it was a special spot! With soaring cliffs, bright blue water and jewel toned flowers everywhere, this gem of an island reminds me of Never-Neverland or somewhere equally magical.

As soon as we docked the ferry in the marina I spotted several colourful buildings dotted along the hillside and plenty of boats at the water’s edge. My impression of the island was positive from the get go, and it only improved as I saw more.

We’re staying in Casa Caprile in Anacapri, one of the two towns on the island (the other is called Capri). The hotel is lovely and the room they gave us came with an adorable little terrace perfect for our morning coffee. I also love the colourful tiled floors and blue tones everywhere! 

So far during our stay, we’ve walked around the two towns on the island and taken advantage of the great restaurants around our hotel. The town of Capri is beautiful, but I much prefer the smaller, quieter area where we’re staying! 

We’ll be here until next week, so we still have plenty of time to relax and admire the beautiful landscape of the island. Check out some highlights of our trip so far below: 

Capri won me over pretty quickly with all its colour, lush florals and inspiring scenery!Yesterday afternoon we happened to stumble upon this beautiful hotel as we were walking around the area to get the lay of the land. We ate a delicious lunch (mine was codfish with pesto and grilled veggies) surrounded by the most juicy lemon trees and then relaxed by the pool! It was the perfect way to kick off our stay in Capri.

We’ve been having so much fun strolling around our little neighbourhood checking out all the sights and restaurants along the way! It’s so quiet and laidback here. 

How cute is my white mandala tattoo from the Store on Queen?! Also I love this bather top from Old Navy. Today we hung around the town of Capri, visited one of the local beaches and walked around the marina. We had to take a “funicolare” or a cable car up the (very steep!) mountain to get to the town, but once we reached the top there were some incredible views of the ocean and the cliff tops shrouded in mist, which made it all worth it. At the end of the day we headed back to our area in Anacapri and had some dinner on one of the local patios. Can’t wait to do some more exploring (and relaxing!) over the next few days here in Capri. 

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