Just Doing Me

Today, I decided to change my blog name back to Kenzie Patterson. I had fun with That Spiritual Chick for a while, but I ultimately realized that it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t sustainable as my personal brand.

I think in the digital world, we place so much emphasis on finding a brand or a niche, and not enough on being ourselves authentically. I felt so much pressure to conform to one specific niche, and while spirituality is obviously a huge part of my life, I immediately felt like I was putting myself in a box by calling myself That Spiritual Chick.

I’m no guru, and I definitely don’t have life figured out. I realized I was portraying an image of someone who felt positive and happy and clear all the time, and that’s certainly not the case.

I will always read spiritual books, do yoga, meditate, and follow spiritual guidance. But do I need to align myself with the word “spirituality” just to create a brand, or get followers? That seems counterintuitive, and against everything that spirituality is about.

I’m a creative soul and I’ve always felt so caged in by labels and boxes. I remember getting actual hives during a fourth year branding class, when the teacher was pressuring us to pick a niche or a specific area to blog about.

I felt so anxious about it because truly, my blog is my safe haven. It’s my diary where I can share anything and everything with my readers, and simply express myself. Writing and sharing photos is the simplest and purest thing I can do, and yet, the practice gets so muddled and strangled by the pressure I put on myself.

Recently, I commented on the Skinny Confidential’s Instagram post asking for blogging advice. Her message was simple: just be you.

So here I am, being me, sharing the things I need to share, writing, living, and becoming more authentic every single day. I am me, and that is really the only constant in my life. This blog is my channel for my everyday thoughts and musings, and the last thing I would want to do is try to squeeze it into a tight little box.

The most “spiritual” thing I can think of is just letting yourself BE, letting go of the pressures and the need to conform or to be anything other than yourself. You are you and I am me, and that’s the beauty of this life.

We don’t have to make ourselves small or label our experiences. We can just live and be happy.

I hope you can vibe with this change and still follow along on my journey! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.