Lisbon + The Algarve, Portugal

After almost one month of travelling, we’ve finally made it to our final destination of Portugal. It feels bittersweet to be wrapping up our trip in such a beautiful locale: on one hand, I’m super excited to get back to all the comforts of home, but on the other, the vacation of a lifetime is almost over! We’ve made so many amazing memories on the road in Europe, and I’m so happy to be rounding out an amazing tour in such a special place.

Yesterday we flew from Barcelona to Lisbon, where we only had a few hours to hang out before we drove to the Algarve. Our friend from high school, Adam, is on exchange there, so he was kind enough to show us around during our stop. I loved all the charming narrow streets and cobblestone squares there, and while the steep hills make it a workout to walk around, the killer views of the water and the architecture are well worth the effort. 

After our stop in Lisbon, we headed to Alvor, a small town along the Algarve. We have a stunning view of the ocean from our room, and I’ve never seen such magnificent rock formations. So far, we’ve spent our time here sleeping in and being beach bums — it’s been so relaxing! Check out some photos of our trip to Portugal so far below: 

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