London Calling

Ah, London. The architecture, the royals, the rain! I feel such an affinity to this place it’s incredible. I must’ve lived here in a past life (one in which I could afford to shop at Harrod’s and have tea at the Ritz!).

While it is an expensive city, you can’t deny that it’s alive with so much history, culture and energy. I could walk around here for hours — yesterday we walked 23 km and today we’re gearing up for a walk from Kensington all the way to St. Paul’s Cathedral on the other side of the city! 

Beginning at our hotel, yesterday’s path weaved through the park, (where we got absolutely soaked with rain!) through Knightsbridge and around Buckingham Palace to Westminster Square. We checked quite a few destinations off our list, and still made it back in time to grab a pint at an adorable local pub called the Builders Arms. Check out some photos below: 

The former home of philosopher John Stuart Mill. The pastel hue of this pub made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside! There’s nothing better than settling down in an English pub after a long day of sightseeing. A cute pink cab in Knightsbridge. I think this building is a school or something. We accidentally wandered into a private square while being clueless tourists! The gardens and bird life in St. James were so lush and beautiful. It’s such a nice surprise to see so much vegetation in such a massive city. A classic tourist photo because I had to.Buckingham. Sweet-smelling flowers are everywhere! It was the first thing I noticed when we landed.Beautiful churches like this one are just mundane for Londoners! I find it so hard to believe that this amount of beautiful architecture is even possible in one city. 

We still have two more days here, but I feel as though a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to soak up this city. But not to worry, I’ll most definitely be back soon — save me a room at the Savoy! 

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