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Mala beads have been used in spiritual practices for thousands of years. The 108 beads are meant to be counted to help with prayer and meditation, but they also make for beautiful and sacred jewelry you can wear with anything.

I’ve been admiring the beautiful malas from Mala Collective for years, and right now, I’m loving this white moonstone necklace and bracelet combo. The milky beads and white tassel create such a zen look, and white moonstone has plenty of amazing spiritual uses.

For starters, it balances the yin and yang energies, and it also brings hope, sensitivity and increased intuition. White moonstone has a calming and stress relieving energy, and it’s not hard to feel its relaxing and feminine vibes just by looking at it.

Malas are an excellent tool for emotional support and any spiritual practices you may be working on. I love pairing my beads with dresses or casual outfits like jeans and a tank for a relaxed look.

The little wooden Buddha and affirmation cards you can see in the pictures are the perfect additions to my spiritual altar. It can be so empowering and helpful to hang inspiring words where you can see them in your home, and it’s even better when you can place them near objects that bring you positive vibes and hope.

Speaking of hope, the blue skies and flowers of spring have me feeling so cheerful and excited for a much-needed season of renewal. I loved styling my mala beads with this green off-the-shoulder dress today- it was so nice to finally be able to wear something free-flowing instead of the restrictive winter clothes we wear for so long. I felt like a forest nymph frolicking in this fragrant grove!

If you haven’t already, check out Mala Collective’s amazing designs and get a mala of your own for all your spiritual work. All of their designs are handmade in Bali, so you can rest assured that they’re infused with all of the most loving, magical energy.

What are your favourite spiritual accessories? Let me know in the comments below!

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