Interview with Musical Goddess and Founder of Mystic Tribe, Kaerhart

Kaerhart and I first connected a couple weeks ago when she published my blog post on the Mystic Tribe site. I’ve been following Mystic Tribe for a long time now because I love their witchy designs and conscious perspective, so I was so happy to connect with the company’s founder and find out more about her path.

In addition to her role as “boss witch in charge” at Mystic Tribe, Kaerhart is a singer, songwriter and producer with an electro-pop vibe, wicked-glam style, and a down-to-earth outlook. I knew she would be an awesome person to feature on That Spiritual Chick because she has such a unique view on everything from the creative process to social media.

Check out our Q&A below to learn more about Kaerhart’s spiritual journey, her artistry, and how she fosters self love on a daily basis:

When did you first realize you had a passion for music and spirituality?

I grew up in a family that was very musical. My parents were huge music lovers and they exposed me to so much from Tears For Fears and Madonna, to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, even Benny Goodman and big band swing, so it was all over the board! I naturally gravitated towards wanting to be a musician early on. I was taking piano lessons when I was six and that grew to me taking guitar lessons. I’ve always been obsessed with music, I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t.

The spiritual side came later. I had a spiritual awakening that set me on an entirely different path. I was in a band and we were signed, and I thought it was my big break and then things fell apart very suddenly. I was really devastated by that and I was starting to question if doing music as a profession was even a possibility for me… That was when I found my first spiritual teacher and had a really intense awakening experience. Before then, I didn’t believe in anything.

A post shared by @kaerhart on What did you feel? Did you have visions?

What did you feel? Did you have visions?

I thought I was going to lie on the table and not feel a thing…It’s hard to put into words what happened, but I felt a lot of vibration in my body and yes, there were a few visions. I came out of it crying deep, deep tears and I could tell that they had been built up in my body for years. I never felt the same after that. That healing helped me to understand that energy is a very real thing. No matter what you subscribe to, whether you believe in one god or multiple gods, we are all just energy.

I studied with that healer and she told me it was my purpose to do music and that led me on this journey of learning to believe in myself because at the time, I really didn’t. I thought “well, if I was good enough, I would’ve already made it or my band would’ve worked out,” but these were all just negative thoughts I was telling myself that weren’t true.

Was that how you ultimately gained the confidence to go solo as an artist?

Yes. Working with her really helped me to start owning my power and who I was. Before, when I was in bands, I wasn’t the singer, I always sort of took the back seat because I didn’t want to put myself out there. I didn’t want to feel vulnerable… it really scared me. So I had to go on this journey of self love and believing in myself so that I could be confident enough to sing my own songs.

What were some of the other things you did to work on your self love?

The self love journey is really just a spiral. You never feel like “oh, I did this and now I completely love and accept myself.” It’s a practice that you do every day. When my spiritual journey started, I was being introduced to meditation and the idea of being able to calm my mind. I was being more conscious of what I was eating, and who I was spending my time with. That was a big one because I always want to help others but I was learning that I had to give to myself before I could give to anyone else. I couldn’t continue to pour from an empty cup.

A post shared by @kaerhart on How did the law of attraction come into play during the early days of building Mystic Tribe and your music career? What was your mindset?

How did the law of attraction come into play during the early days of building Mystic Tribe and your music career? What was your mindset?

I absolutely believe in manifestation but I don’t necessarily subscribe to the term ‘law of attraction’. For me, the most important thing is to always be aligned with the ‘why’. Why am I creating this or what is the main purpose behind what I am doing? It’s a mixture of being in alignment, working on yourself and having that work ethic that is going to propel you forward. Because it is hard. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur or a music artist, but it is so worth it when it’s what you’re passionate about and what you love!

What is your why?

I have many ‘whys’. I think the biggest one for Mystic Tribe, is the fact that we are a consciously-made apparel brand, and we are not contributing to the horrors of fast fashion that wreak havoc on our planet and humanity. We are here to help disrupt the fashion industry to be a more conscious one.

At the core of my music, my ‘why’ is to heal people. Music has been the biggest healing tool for me and I know I am not alone in feeling this way. Songs are powerful enough to shift your mood or to get you through a tough experience. The responses I have received from my first single, Drain My Love, have been incredible and helped confirm that notion. People have messaged me to let me know how much the song has helped them in their own journey and that is truly the greatest feeling in the world to me.

A post shared by @kaerhart on You recently worked on a cover of For What It’s Worth. Do you feel hopeful for a better future?

You recently worked on a cover of For What It’s Worth. Do you feel hopeful for a better future?

That was the first cover I ever recorded and it was such an incredible experience. It put so much into perspective for me. Humans tend to repeat the same mistakes and what was happening in the 1960s is definitely being echoed today… but I am hopeful for a better future. Consciousness is rising on Earth right now, and people are waking up to their mission and service to this planet. Trump being elected woke so many people up. I wasn’t even aware of the extent of some of the things that were happening in this country. It was really shocking to see, but now we have more women running for office than ever before and there are so many people who are out there speaking up about really important issues and making real change. It’s ‘cool’ to be conscious now. And through darkness, there is light.

What’s the story behind your upcoming single, Love on the Down Low?

I’m so excited to share this! It’s a tough thing because part of me always want to share the really personal story behind the song but then the other part of me wants people to listen and interpret it in their own way. But essentially, it’s about someone withholding their love and not allowing themselves to be vulnerable. That’s what Love on the Down Low is about at its core.

I’m sure living in L.A., you’re surrounded by so many creative types who are killing it in their industries. How do you stay out of the comparison trap?

There was definitely a time when I allowed that to impact me. Someone once said to me “comparison is the thief of joy,” and I absolutely believe that. You never know where someone else is at in their journey. I feel like a lot of these comparisons are happening through social media and you have to take into account that social media, in so many ways, is an illusion. You can’t know a person’s full essence or what they’re going through in their life on a daily basis. And by comparing yourself, you’re selling yourself short.

When I would fall into that trap, I would repeat to myself “comparison is the thief of joy” like a mantra and that would really help put things into perspective. You also have the opportunity to put that energy back on yourself and say, ‘what about this person or situation is triggering me?’ You can use it as a really powerful tool to overcome deep blocks and insecurities. Also, don’t surround yourself with people who are going to put you in that mindset. You don’t have to follow someone if they’re going to trigger you.

A post shared by @kaerhart on Why do you think it’s important to have a tribe mentality?  

Why do you think it’s important to have a tribe mentality?

It’s so important to have a tribe mentality! We are all connected, we are all here together and are all part of the human race. There really isn’t separation. The more you connect with people, the more you can see a little bit of yourself in them or they see themselves in you. Having that community is how we are really going to get change to occur on this planet. If we come together, we get to decide how we want the future to be. We have the power to change it.

How do you cultivate your tribe?

I have the OGs who have been with me forever. My cousin is one of my best friends, I’ve known her all my life. And I’ve been really fortunate to make connections with some really incredible people in L.A. this past year. Also, Instagram is such a powerful tool for connection. Yes, social media has its bad aspects, but I’ve been able to meet so many people who have a similar message and vibe and it’s been incredible to have that community of support. I think there’s definitely a conscious way to use it.

What’s brewing for Mystic Tribe?

We have a lot in the works. I’m most excited about our new collection. We also just shot with this incredible crystal jewelry designer, Mantras and Miracles, and we’re going to start doing some collaborations with her and offering those on the site. And we have a couple of collaborations in the works with some other prominent personalities in the spiritual space.

A post shared by @kaerhart on There are so many soulpreneurs out there doing what they love. What would you say to someone just starting out on their journey?

There are so many soulpreneurs out there doing what they love. What would you say to someone just starting out on their journey?

Stay the course, know your why, and always bring the power back to yourself. It’s so important to be really clear with your goals, but even when you map them all out, be open to unexpected opportunities. It’s all about being persistent, consistent and flexible.

Be sure to check out Kaerhart’s music on Spotify and keep an eye out for her upcoming single, Love on the Down Low. Also check out Mystic Tribe’s awesome spiritual swag (including the t-shirt I’m wearing in this post) here.

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