The Earth Laughs in Flowers

As far as inanimate objects go, flowers are the closest we can get to the spiritual world on earth. They are truly God’s gifts to the world, and they never fail to elevate my mood when I’m near them.

I once read a book called the Flower Arrangement about a woman who quit her job and opened a flower shop. The idea was so romantic and lovely, and I can totally see myself working with flowers one day.

My friend Kennedy recently started working in the floral industry, and we chatted about how wonderful we feel when we’re near plant life of any kind. I feel like as humans, we need to be near flowers and plants, trees and water to feel at home and at peace, and too much time spent in the concrete jungle can be a detriment to your soul.

I absolutely love flowers of all kinds, and I’ve always enjoyed meandering around gardens, greenhouses and floral shops. Some of my favourites are roses, hyacinth, and lily of the valley because they smell so sweet and have such a delicate structure.

If you ever feel down, grab a coffee and head to your local flower shop to buy a bouquet for your home. It will brighten up the space and bring in some vital life force energy, while bringing you one step closer to heaven on earth.

What are your favourite flowers?

P.S. – with the recent hot weather, I’ve been living in this black Aerie maxi dress. Every so often, I buy something without knowing that it will become my new uniform, and that was definitely the case with this outfit. It’s so comfortable, flowy and simple, and you can dress it up or down for any event! What are some of your favourite summer pieces?