Three Online Guided Meditations I’m Currently Loving

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It’s not always easy to find time to meditate, but I know that whenever I do, it’s always so worth it. Lately, I’ve been loving online guided meditations because they’re a quick and easy way to relax and change my state of mind.

There are so many amazing guided meditations online for a variety of different goals, aims or challenges you might be facing. Guided meditations are especially great for beginners who may be intimidated by the idea of meditating and just want to see what it’s all about.

I usually listen to a couple of recorded meditations during my bath time or in bed on a lazy Sunday. They can also be so beautiful and helpful for unwinding before sleep, or even for sending your subconscious a message while you’re working.

To get you started, here are three online guided meditations I’m currently loving. These meditations are so calming and positive, and they all offer up a loving message to feed your brain. Sometimes, listening to something uplifting is all you need to shift your mood and help you see the light in the world:

1. I love this meditation by Louise Hay because it’s so powerful and deeply moving. She gets right to the root of any self-love issues you might be facing to peel back the layers and help you rewire your thinking patterns. Louise’s voice is so soothing, so this one would be great to listen to as a pre-sleep ritual. This meditation is over 40 minutes long, making it super comprehensive and ultra relaxing.

2. I’ve only recently been getting into Bob Proctor’s work, but I already love his uplifting message and beautiful outlook. This meditation for abundance completely altered my mood and left me feeling refreshed, positive and ready to tackle anything. If you’re feeling blocked or stuck in a negative thought pattern about lack of any kind, then this meditation is for you.

3. If you’re looking for something a bit more new-agey, then this meditation by Naomi Nonu-Carling might be for you. Naomi takes you on a journey into a beautiful star where you have each chakra cleansed for a total renewal. This meditation is great for resetting your energetic body or healing from any stubborn negative energy.

What type of meditation do you like to do? Let me know in the comments below!