Touring Iceland 

We’ve been driving around beautiful Iceland for the past two days, and all I can say is that you have to visit if you get the chance because pictures just do not do it justice. Not only is the landscape so different and unique from anything I’ve ever seen before, but the country also has such a distinct, charming culture.

So far, we’ve spent some time touring Reykjavik as well as driving around the golden circle and the ring road. Check out some pictures with descriptions below:

Downtown Reykjavik is so quirky and colourful! We loved walking around checking out all the patios and historic statues.

Next we hiked through a canyon in Pingvellir national park. We truly felt like we were on another planet!

Iceland is known for its magnificent exploding geysers and natural hot springs. We stopped in at Geysir to check out the awe-inspiring landscape scene and catch an explosion.

Gullfoss is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. The icy blue water and refreshing mist coming from the falls make this golden circle landmark a must-see!

Kerio, a massive crater with a lake in the centre, was formed 6,500 years ago from volcanic activity. It’s so much more breathtaking and huge in real life than you can imagine!

Another thing Iceland is known for is its special breed of adorable horses. Their manes are so soft and flowing I found myself getting jealous while I was stroking them! They really are so beautiful and majestic, I could’ve sworn the white one was a unicorn without a horn.

Seljalandsfoss was truly magnificent. The area is dotted with waterfalls and sparkling streams throughout with rainbows and vibrant green moss growing all over the rocks and the hills. It all makes for a landscape straight out of a fairy tale! We walked behind the main waterfall, which thunders down an insane amount of water — needless to say we weren’t dry by the time we left!

Skogafoss is another incredible waterfall with tremendous power and beauty. We walked all the way up to the top of the cliff where we could see the black lava beaches across the way and rolling green hills for miles. It looked like something out of the shire. The beauty of this one was really hard to convey through photos, so again, you must visit!

Finally, we hit Dyrholaey, the black sand beaches and the tiny town of Vik. Each natural landmark was truly more beautiful than the last, and this one was no exception. To check out the views of the majestic cliffs and the pristine black sand beach, (it’s protected because of its unique flora and bird population) we drove up a huge hill with a lighthouse on top. It was spectacular!

At the end of a long day of adventuring, we settled into the quaint town of Vik where there are a couple of great restaurants and an adorable little red-roofed church. 

Iceland is really a special place, and if you do get a chance to go, make sure you rent a car so you can stop at all the landmarks and nature reserves that make the country so amazing. We’re still here for another day, and tomorrow we’re hitting the Blue Lagoon! Make sure you follow along on social media to see updates.

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