Travel Review: Arizona

With its stunning orange rock formations, bright blue skies and earthy vibe, Arizona has been on my bucket list for years now. So when I had the opportunity to travel there this November, I jumped at it!

My boyfriend and his family were planning a sibling vaca to Scottsdale, the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and it sounded like a total blast. Unsurprisingly, we had so much fun on the trip and created some amazing memories we won’t forget soon.

Take a peek at some of my pictures and read more about our adventures below:

Our journey began in Scottsdale, which is just outside of Phoenix. We stayed at the Fairmont Princess for the majority of our time in Arizona, and we all loved it there. The resort was huge with lots of pools and restaurants including an amazing Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda featuring some great fish tacos, tequila flights and a resident tequila goddess! It was so relaxing to spend some time by the pool at the Fairmont and unwind post-flight.

Next, we headed north to visit Antelope Canyon, a natural formation of red sandstone with beautiful ripples and winding spirals. We were a little nervous about climbing down steep ladders and staircases to get into the canyon (not to mention the possibility of a flash flood drowning us!), but once we were down there, it was all so worth it. The canyon was like a natural art exhibit full of sculptures and abstract pieces, and it was so fun climbing through the maze of sand and rock.

We also stopped off at Horseshoe Bend, an island of red rock in the middle of a river. It was stunning as well, but the sheer height of the cliffs we were standing on made it harder to enjoy! The other tourists were standing super close to the edge, and our tour guide at Antelope had told us that 10 people die at Horseshoe a year because of the lack of railings. I was a little shaken by this, but it was still such an epic sight to see so I’m glad we braved the heights.

The next day, we woke up early to catch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. There are no words to describe the beauty and majesty of this place, and pictures do it little justice, so I’ll just say to add this one to your bucket list, pronto!

Last but certainly not least, we drove to Sedona for a couple hikes and to catch the sunset. I had been hearing about the new age vibes and intense energy vortex surrounding Sedona for a while, so it was the place I was the most excited to visit in Arizona.

I’m no energy expert, but I know that as soon as we got out of the car in Sedona, I felt a sense of calm and happiness envelop me like a hug. The scenery was stunningly beautiful, and the air was so fresh and healing. We hiked Bell Rock and the Airport Trail and sat on top of a big red rock to watch the sunset.

Sedona is most definitely a special place, and I’ll for sure go back to stay longer next time!

Overall, Arizona is a beautiful place with a unique landscape, incredible natural wonders and super kind people. I’m so grateful and happy we were able to see it, and I can’t wait for my next adventure!

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