Workout Clothes I’m Currently Loving

There’s a reason why athleisure is such a huge industry right now: it’s comfy, flattering and so wearable. Although I love to dress up, I mostly wear workout clothes on an everyday basis because they make me feel so comfortable and at home in my body.

I truly believe that one of the biggest keys to a successful workout is the right clothes. First of all, a cute outfit will motivate you to get moving, and it will make you want to go harder, engage your abs, and keep going longer once you’ve made the decision to work out.

I’m always buying new workout clothes (seriously, it’s an addiction), and at this point my wardrobe is overflowing with yoga pants and crop tops. And yet, they just keep accumulating somehow! Go figure.

Some of my favourite brands for workout wear are Free People Movement, Nike, and Lululemon, and I recently discovered that Aerie has some super cute finds, too. I bought the set below in white and a beige/taupe colour, and I love how the high-waisted pants fit. The lacy top is also really pretty and feminine, and I’ll definitely be mixing and matching all the pieces with other tops and bottoms.

workout clothes

Dressing in clothes that make you feel empowered, strong and fit is honestly so important, especially if you’re on a self love journey. I definitely notice a difference in my mood depending on what I’m wearing, and I think your outfit can really make or break how you feel about yourself. Part of my self care routine is buying clothes that make me feel amazing, and this set does the job nicely.

workout clothes

Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards more white clothes. It could just be the change of the weather, but I also recently learned that wearing the colour white extends your aura outwards, helping you shine your light on the world more easily, whereas black does the opposite. No wonder we feel lighter, happier, and more approachable while wearing light colours like white and pink!

workout clothes

Today was also a really hot day for early May in Toronto, so this outfit was the perfect thing to wear for a jog around the park. So many workout outfits feel hot and cumbersome with thick, heavy material, but this outfit is super lightweight and cool.

workout clothes

I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit for jogging, Pilates and yoga because it’s so versatile, feminine and pretty. I love finding new workout clothes because they’re truly my favourite pieces to throw on for everyday wear.

workout clothesworkout clothesworkout clothesworkout clothesworkout clothes

What do you like to wear for your workouts? Let me know in the comments below!

The white top and pants are linked here and here, and the beige top and pants are linked here and here.